Not Sure what Raspberry Ketones Can or Cannot do?

Raspberry ketones and Fresh BerriesWhen a new supplement or health craze enters the market, public perception can tend to become over-inflated with the belief that there is nothing it can’t do. Did you know that coffee can help protect against skin cancer, oral cancer, and type two diabetes? Whether this is all true or not is up for debate in the scientific community, and hopefully it is true, but the point is that it’s important to take a step back from the hype and try to discern the truth about what you intend to take for the benefit of your body. This holds true for raspberry ketone supplements, which have seen a resurgence in popularity among people looking to lose weight.

What is a raspberry ketone supplement?

Although there are studies and trials that are looking at raspberry ketones with indications for Parkinson’s disease, and pancreatic cancer, they are currently only worth considering as a weight loss supplement. The key word here being “supplement.” A raspberry ketones diet needs to involve other weight loss measures, either in the form of diet, or exercise. Using raspberry ketones for weight loss hinges on early research that showed that the compound is capable of regulating adiponectin, which in turn regulates the body’s metabolism. The only other indication for pure raspberry ketones is as a beauty product additive. When used in lotions, they can help to tighten and tone the skin.

What is NOT a raspberry ketone supplement?

Raspberry ketones are not a nutritional supplement. There is no standard level of raspberry ketones that you should be ingesting in the hopes of being healthy. In fact, the body naturally produces ketones when it exercises, spurring the breakdown of fat cells to release energy. If you decide to take raspberry ketones, it should be with the intention of improving weight loss results, and not for the same reason that you might take a multivitamin.

Scientific studies have suggested promising benefits of using raspberry ketones for weight loss, and for improving the condition of skin. Harvard University has actually linked raspberry ketone supplements to increased feelings of wellness, and a weight loss jump start after just two weeks of consumption. If you are considering raspberry ketones for their weight loss benefits, then it’s important that you remember to keep your expectations in alignment with the actual results that have been witnessed.

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