How can a raspberry ketones review of the numbers help if you know how many pounds of raspberries it takes to make 100 milligrams?

details in a raspberry ketones reviewEveryone knows that raspberries are packed with plenty of health benefits. But what about the stuff that makes up the raspberry itself? As it turns out, fruit’s “ingredients” might be even healthier.

By now, you probably know that a raspberry ketones review tells us the chemical compounds found inside red raspberries that give them their sweet-smelling, pleasant aroma are the ‘ketones’.  About two years ago, they got their big moment in the sun by appearing on The Dr. Oz Show as a key component of a healthy weight-loss diet plan.  And it’s true: pure raspberry ketones might just help folks who are currently struggling to shed some pounds.

Here’s a raspberry ketones review comparison to help you visualize just how powerful the compound can be. Take 100 milligrams of raspberry ketone and 90 pounds of the fruit itself. Though one is much, much larger than the other, they both actually contain the same amount of fat-burning power. And how do we know? Studies have suggested it.

During research, a Harvard University raspberry ketone review found that a raspberry ketone diet (using the compound as a supplement, that is) may give your weight-loss efforts a jump-start and even increase overall feelings of well being in only two weeks’ time. How? A 2010 study by Planta Medica discovered an important fact about raspberry ketones — they may play an essential role in the body’s activation of apidonectin, a hormone that controls fat breakdown and metabolism.

This information really couldn’t come at a better time. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention reports that nearly 70% of all Americans over the age of 20 are worried about controlling their diet and eating habits. Obesity, after all, currently affects 78 million adults and 12.5 million children. That’s more than the number of people who live in the states of California, Texas and New York combined.

So, what do these statistics say about raspberry ketones? Nothing definitive. After all, no extensive studies have been performed observing the effects of a rapsberry ketone diet in humans alone. However, we already know the facts about fighting obesity and encouraging weight loss. We know it’s essential to eat a balanced diet of fresh, whole foods. We know it’s important to get plenty of regular exercise and physical activity. But we also know how effective dietary supplements can be when paired with these weight-loss treatments.

Ask your doctor if raspberry ketones can be a part of your extended weight loss plan.

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