No, we are owned by Beth Golden, PhD and Registered Naturopath who has personally formulated these products, amongst many others, and also created the Raspberry Ketone Rapid Weight Loss Diet Plan. Her company is Weight Loss Products, LLC, a company based in St. Petersburg, FL specializing in quality dietary supplements and natural skincare products for Health Care Professionals and their Clients, as well as the retail consumer.  She has successfully worked with clients, dieters and Health Care Professionals for almost two decades. To find out more about us, visit

The Raspberry Ketone products are specifically designed to help people with weight and cellulite problems in order to get REAL results.  The Raspberry Ketone Rapid Weight Loss Plan is designed to help ranging from diet programs to systems that successfully fight aging. Visit the main website to find out more about all the Raspberry Ketone Products:


Beth has been in the Health Care Professional since 1999 owning and operating Therapeutic Body Center, a full spectrum Wellness center / Medi-spa in St. Petersburg Florida.  In early 2003, she Raspberries_Topbegan formulating weight loss and detoxification products and systems that work and successfully tested and proved their success in over 34 locations throughout Canada, the US and Puerto Rico. Along with this success, she teaches other Health Care Professionals how to effectively use her formulas and systems.

Knowing how toxic body products are and how they counteract the results of detoxifying, she also began formulating pure, natural, healthy skincare products under the Golden Essence® brand. To date, it includes a full line of oil-free, non-toxic and anti-aging skincare products that benefit both men and woman, and are safe enough to use on children.  In 2011, the Golden Essence skincare line earned the prestigious award of a “Champion” by the Campaign for Safe Cosmetics and Dr. Golden currently formulates products and remedies for other manufactures as well.


Today, Beth continues to help people with health and weight problems, as well as hormone imbalances, and formulates unique weight loss and anti-aging skin care products on an on-going basis. You can trust her expertise and help, since she has truly become one of the industry’s leading manufacturing and personal consultants.

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